Author Mathew Rowlands - Pronuts'sya-Medlenno

You can buy the book here.
You can buy the book here.
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The assassination of Kennedy shocked the world but what Brett Davidson
uncovered about the who and the why would destroy America unless it was
Presentation of the book : "PROSNUT'SYA MEDLENNO"
"Awake slowly"
Whilst researching the assassination of President John F Kennedy, American student Brett Davidson stumbles upon something much bigger, a secret Russian project which has been infiltrating spies into the USA, positioned at the highest levels in government, the intelligence services, business and media. Terrifyingly, his research had proved that the infiltration had been and continued to be successful and that the project was gathering momentum. For many, the project would seem too far fetched, but Brett Davidson realises the enormity of his discovery and needs to find someone he can confide in.....Learn more
The extraordinary story of an infiltration at the highest levels
of American government by American born Russian spies
Weakening the United States
           Prosnut'sya Medlenno
Stalin's incredible plan
How the research into the assassination of President Kennedy takes Brett down a road where he uncovers a Russian plan which if allowed to germinate will have catastrophic consequences for America and collaterally, the world.
The Cold War never ended
November 2018 - The hard copy will soon be available on Amazon

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You must question everything

JULY 21, 2018 / LONDON
'Excellent, Grisham meets Le Carre'
AUGUST 30, 2018 / NEW YORK
'Superb, it will make a great film'
AUGUST 21, 2018 / NEW YORK
'Kept me hooked from page one'
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