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The profession of wedding planner
A bit of history about wedding planner
The role of the professional wedding planner also known as bridal’s consultant has evolved over the years.
Wedding planners are based worldwide but the industry is the largest in the USA, Western Europe and China. This profession became popular in the Unites States in the forties but at the beginning, this service was offered to the richest people and stars. Nowadays, there are different types of wedding planners such as destination wedding planner or luxury wedding planner like the agency AM Events & Lifestyle.
Yet, wedding planner is a very ancient profession and event organization has been existed for centuries. In fact, Cleopatra herself used event planner called scribes who were in charged of ceremony or bath organization (rituals in ancient Egypt).
Luxury wedding planner: field of expertise and evolution
The profession of wedding planner appeared in France in 2000 and has become a very popular term. Indeed, wedding planning is a popular entry point for aspiring solo entrepreneurs to break into the industry. Some entrepreneurs are now tapping niche markets to distinguish themselves like luxury weddings and destination weddings.
Nowadays, 85% of American couples decide to hire a wedding planner to organize and coordinate the big day (a modern wedding takes 528 hours, or 22 full days, to plan) while only 10% of French couples choose to hire a wedding planner.
The wedding industry is an important business and the average cost of weddings has increased by 16,34% in the past 10 years. This is the reason why new luxury wedding planners were born between the mid 1990s and the mid 2000s.
Becoming a luxury wedding planner in France
In France, the profession of wedding planner is not really controlled and you can create your own wedding and event planning company without any formation or knowledge about the subject. A lot of people have decided to work in the wedding industry and this new profession has becoming trendy.
However, in some cases, they don’t really measure all the requirements needed to plan an event. This is particularly true in the case of a luxury wedding planner who has to plan large-scale events.
The Agency AM Events & Lifestyle, founded by Angélique MEUNIER, a luxury wedding planner and a high-end event producer, combines the luxury and the French elegance with the magnificence and the American savoir-faire.
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