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2019 Inspiration Sources for luxury wedding planners
Wedding Planners create Global Trends
The clients in 2019 are very aware of what is trending thanks to social media. They are hooked on platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, as they are full of such visual eye candy. They have different options but they need to find how to make it real and this is a big deal!
Trends are influenced by everything around us from the world of fashion and interior design to popular culture. The key is how you take that trend and use it within the design of an event whilst still delivering a unique interpretation.
Even if the wedding planning starts on social media for many brides, hiring a luxury wedding planner such as the agency AM EVENTS & LIFESTYLE to plan a bespoke event is really worth it. Wedding planners are aware of the current trends and they can predict the future ones. Plus, they work with very talented professionals in the industry.
2019 Wedding Trends
Destination Wedding Trends
Italy, Mexico, Ireland, Morocco, and Napa Valley are the top wedding destinations for 2019. Brides and grooms are looking for sun, sea and greenery to celebrate their weddings. Everything is happening outdoor and we will continue to see more culturally inspired destination wedding themes.
Wedding Theme Trends
"Today’s weddings are all about creating an event to remember—for both the couple and their guests," says Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor in chief of The Knot. In short? Personalization all the way.
Minimalism, rich colours palettes, textures and customization, luscious greenery, romance industrial ; different trends that are very famous in 2019 and you must consider these wedding trends if you are planning a wedding in this summer 2019. Indeed, In the age of Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds, there's never been more pressure when planning a wedding.
Wedding Venue Trends
First of all, The Middle East is home to several luxurious wedding venues where you can host the wedding of your dreams! Plus, Dubai and the rest of the UAE continue to see many luxurious weddings and venues.
Then, brides and grooms think about the wedding experience as a whole. They want a wedding reception to remember and they care about their guests’comfort.
Finally, 2019 couples are looking for venues with flexibility venues that allow you to bring your own alcohol, have lenient music curfew times, have multiple reception and ceremony sites on property, etc.
Hiring a Luxury Wedding Planner
The profession of wedding planner appeared in France in 2000 and has become a very popular term. Indeed, wedding planning is a popular entry point for aspiring solo entrepreneurs to break into the industry. Some entrepreneurs are now tapping niche markets to distinguish themselves like luxury weddings and destination weddings.
Wedding planners are all about the logistics, from vendor referrals and contract negotiation to day-of-execution of your vision and luxury wedding planners will transform any bride’s fairytale dream into reality.
The Agency AM Events & Lifestyle, founded by Angélique MEUNIER, a luxury wedding planner and a high-end event producer, combines the luxury and the French elegance with the magnificence and the American savoir-faire.
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