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Why finding the perfect venue is so important?
Venue selection Is an important part of planning a wedding
               Are you ready to get married? Once you get engaged, you must set a wedding date and determine your initial budget even if one in three couples goes over budget. Then, you have to pick the right wedding venue and this is a big deal! Wedding venue selection is the most important thing to consider for a wedding and it is important to keep in mind that your wedding venue selection can enhance your wedding photography experience.
               When choosing your perfect venue, there are few important factors to consider and this is the reason why the French agency AM Events & Lifestyle, a luxury wedding and high-end event planner based in France, will help you find your dream wedding venue.
What about French wedding venues if you plan to get married in France?
           There are so many options for where to get married in France; whether in Paris, in the French Riviera or in the hearth of Beaujolais, everything is possible.
Brides and grooms have so many options: a French wedding castle, a luxury mansion, a five stars hotel, a sumptuous farmhouse, …. The most difficult decision is to choose! And it is even more difficult if you don’t know the region.
Things to consider when choosing a wedding venue
There are so many factors to consider when choosing your dream wedding venue.
Availability and capacity: make sure to check that the venue is available for your big day and ask for maximum guest capacity.
Accessibility: if you have friends in wheelchairs or with special needs, make sure that everyone can easily get into the venue. Plus, if a large number of your guests are coming from far, consider choosing a venue that is near an airport and is easily accessible by road.
Budget and financial requirements of the venue: make sure to estimate the total cost.
Look and style: choose a venue that fits in with your theme.
Parking: Find out if the venue provides free parking and how many cars it can accommodate.
Why you should hire a wedding planner before booking a venue?
Hiring a luxury wedding planner like the French agency AM EVENTS & LIFESTYLE can be a big investment but it is also a total sanity-saver if you want to make sure that someone will take care of your wedding dreams. A wedding planner will help you find the best venue that fits your budget and your expectations.
The Agency AM EVENTS & LIFESTYLE, founded by Angélique MEUNIER, a French luxury wedding planner and a high-end event producer, combines the luxury and the French elegance with the magnificence and the American savoir-faire.
For any further information, feel free to go and visit the agency website at: https://www.ameventsandlifestyle.com/eng/
You can also contact the agency at: contact@ameventsandlifestyle.com
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